Auto Accidents

- What to do Right Away

    There have been over 27,416 auto accidents in Washington State so far this year. What should you do when you get in an auto accident?

    First, check to see if you are okay. Try to remain calm, take stock of how you are feeling physically, mentally and emotionally, and decide if you’ve suffered any obvious injuries.

    If you are in a roadway and your vehicle can be moved, get it off to the side as quickly as possible. If who is at fault is in question, get photos of the vehicles at the accident scene immediately. The longer you remain in the road the greater the possibility of a secondary crash, which would only compound injuries and damages. If your vehicle cannot be moved, get out and leave it where it is.

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    When you talk to the other driver, remain cool and keep an even tone. This may be challenging when the accident is not your fault or if you are in pain. But in our experience at R Martin Law Group the other party may admit at the scene it was their fault, and this is less likely if you act angry or frustrated.

    Take as many photos of your car and the other driver’s car as possible, and of the accident scene itself. Always get the other person’s insurance info (photos of their insurance card, driver’s license, and registration are best). As any good Bellevue Injury Lawyer would tell you, the more information the better.

    It may not always be necessary to contact police, but you can call and let them decide if a response is needed. Always call 911 in a life-threatening emergency. If an officer comes to the scene, tell them the truth, but do not overshare information. It’s most helpful to let them ask the questions, and answer honestly.

    If there are witnesses, talk to them right away, and try to get their contact information. Not all witnesses may have had a clear view of what happened, but even statements without much detail can be beneficial in terms of providing context surrounding the event.

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  It’s possible you may have the opportunity to contact a personal injury attorney from the scene itself. A good Bellevue injury lawyer can provide more detailed advice on what to do and can arrange a meeting with you to talk about the accident in detail.

    If your vehicle needs to be towed, get information about the towing company. We at R Martin Law Group have had clients who have had to search for some time afterwards to find where their vehicle was taken, especially if they were transported from the accident scene by ambulance.

    If you have been injured seriously enough that an ambulance must be called, give as much detail as possible to the paramedics about your injuries. They need to know exactly what you are experiencing in order to help you best.
It is fortunate if you will be able to drive away. When you do, keep the details in your mind as best as possible. Writing down everything you can (speed, weather conditions, etc.) when your memory is fresh will be of huge help for your first meeting with your Bellevue Injury Lawyer.

    Every automobile accident is unique, and not all of this may apply to you. This is only the first step in getting justice for your personal injury case. We at R Martin Law Group PS/ have successfully handled hundreds of motor vehicle accident cases, and we promise that we will give yours the unique attention and care it deserves.

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