Phill Baber, CPA

Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA)

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I was in a severe MVA November 2016. I wasn’t aware, at the time of accident, just how serious my injuries were or would be, but knew I needed an attorney, given the insurance carrier wanted to give me less than $1,000 for my injuries/missed work.

My work partner recommended Rich Martin as an attorney who would be able to work with me on my MVA. I called Rich, shortly after my accident, and mentioned I didn’t think there was much value in my case/accident for him, and didn’t want to waste much of his time, but that wasn’t his main concern. Rich was more concerned with me being treated fairly, getting the proper care and attention needed during the process, despite my thinking the claim amount was insignificant.

Rich came to my office and went over how MVA result in various loss claims (value of vehicle, injuries, loss of income etc.) and that he would be there for me throughout the process.

Rich and his staff made me feel truly listened to and care for. I ended up needing to have 5 surgeries as a result of the MVA. Rich and his staff handled all the issues with both the auto carriers and my personal health insurance carrier.

The process took almost 3 years, not due to Rich and his staff’s abilities, but due to the multiple surgeries required etc. Again, Rich and his staff always showed care and respect for me and what I had to deal with during the process. I am not one to complain, but Rich was always there reminding me just how much I had been through and the significant impact it has had on my life, still to this day.

Rich was able to settle my MVA for the full amount of my uninsured motorist limits, which were significant (he pointed out I carried more coverage than typical). I was pleased with the settlement he was able to secure for me, but what I appreciated even more was how I was treated by Rich and his team, starting with day one to settlement date (despite my thinking my claim was small).

Cannot recommend anyone more highly than Richard Charles Martin, ESQ, if you need a caring, professional, and highly skilled attorney to represent you.

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